THEMIS 2020 observing campaign will take place approximately from May 15th to Nov 15th 2020 for about 100 days. Incoming information or confirmation will be posted here and on the front page as soon as it becomes available. We encourage everyone to apply.

Rules of access
Use of the THEMIS telescope is granted by rights to the French and Spanish partners, but also to the European and international community under the SOLARNET(1) and CCI-ITP time allocation mechanisms. The International Scientific Committee (CCI) overseeing the Canary Islands telescopes awards observing time through its International Time Program (ITP).
SOLARNET does offer observing time under its transnational ACCESS program in 2020. For SOLARNET, some preference is given to from new users, young researchers, and users from countries with no similar research infrastructures. Proposals for ITP and SOLARNET time are both allocated by the EAST-TAC, a joint European time allocation committee of the European Association for Solar Telescopes, and share the same deadline and procedure.

  • Applicants to “French time”: 75% of the campaign,about 75 days in 2019. French users must take care of their travel and subsistence expenses.
    • As a EU or associated state member, you can apply to the same french time within the SOLARNET/Trans National Access program. Note that the PI and at least half the Co-I's must have affiliations in other countries than France or Spain. There is a limited quota available for proposals from scientists outside EU and associated states. The SOLARNET/Access program offers travel and subsistence (T&S) grants for the observing run.
  • Applicants to “Spanish time”: 20% of the campaign, 20 days for 2020.
  • Applicants to the “CCI time Solar ITP”: 5% of the total, or 5 days in 2020.

How to apply
Your proposal comes in 2 steps:

  1. Everybody must fill a basic on-line technical proposal. Spanish or SOLARNET/ITP applicant will check the dedicated box.
  2. then, depending who you are:
    • French users: Please use this LaTex or pfd application form and e-mail it to:
    • Spanish users should follow th instructions of the IAC solar CAT proposals system.
    • SOLARNET TNA time users: Please use this LaTex form and email it to the


Summary of telescope and instrumentation for 2019 at THEMIS
We encourage everybody to contact us directly to express your needs or concerns. For 2020 we plan to make as available instrumentation:

  • MTR2 spectroscopic mode on 2' field (note: spectropolarimetry available starting fall 2020 in shared risk mode)
  • Broad band imaging on 2×2' (concurrently available with the spectrograph)
  • THEMIS adaptive optics OBAO shall be available to users at the beginning of the campaign

Proposal processing and calendar
As soon as the appropriate refereeing steps for each community and TAC have been passed, we will quickly inform you of the outcome of your proposal.

Inquiries: Please email to — Bernard Gelly or by phone: +34 619015893 (WET timezone).

(1) SOLARNET: EU Project ID: 824135 Call: H2020-INFRAIA-2018-1 Programme: H2020 Rdg: RTD

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