THEMIS publications library

Here we count the publications based on, or making use of, the THEMIS solar telescope. Some publications use only THEMIS, but many use several data sources to get to the result. An acknowledgement of the use of THEMIS is mandatory in any publication using any fraction of THEMIS data.

  • Fom the early days (1980) until 12/2011, a library for refereed publications only has been created by Frédéric Paletou @IRAP/Bass 2000. (The link to this initial attempt is currently lost). This library was used as input for the next version:
  • SAO/NASA ADS Themis_bg library is the follow-up of the previous work, now up to 12/2023, and encompass referred and non-refereed publications. However no attempt has been yet made to retrieve the non-referred publication from the early beginning to 2014; As a consequence:
    • the number of refereed publications is accurate.
    • the total number of publications is underestimated

  • The updated metrics of this library is here
  • This library, carefully handcrafted, may not be exhaustive. Please signal any missing item to BG.
  • Publication of year Y usually comes from data of year Y-n, with n>=1
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