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THEMIS agradece respetuosamente a todo el personal de lucha contra incendio que salvo a nuestro telescopio de la llamas el pasado Domingo 20 de Agosto del 2023.

The 2024 call for observing time at the THEMIS telescope is now open. Deadline is March 1st, 2024
The 2024 observing schedule is out (soon).

2023 highlight
Successful coordinated observations of filaments and prominences during run #2023/239 of Labrosse et al.
The IRIS spacecraft MgII UV line (left) and THEMIS-MTR2 Halpha and Helium D3 lines (right) are showing the same solar filament located in between NOAA 13449 and 13446. Both instruments are raster spectrographs.

[Figure credit: B. Schmieder]

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Photosphere imaging highlights, including:
'with/without' AO movies, AO correction while scanning the field (on 1' “context” and 2' “slitjaw” cameras), KT post-processing on AO imaging

NOAA 12824 (part of) NOAA12824 20210525-1120-cu4s2k2ip200f.jpg

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