THEMIS 2024 observing campaign

THEMIS 2024 observing campaign will take place approximately from Apr 15th to Oct 30th 2024 for about 100 days. Incoming information will be posted here and on our site portal as soon as it becomes available. We encourage everyone to apply.

Rules of access

Use of the THEMIS telescope is granted by rights to the French and Spanish communities, but also to the international community through the CCI-ITP time allocation procedures. The International Scientific Committee (CCI) of the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC), overseeing the Canary Islands telescopes, awards observing time through its International Time Program (ITP).

  • Applicants to “French time”: 75% of the campaign (about 75 days). Proposal for the French time are allocated by the THEMIS TAC. Please note that French users must take care of their travel and subsistence expenses.
  • Applicants to “Spanish time”: 20% of the campaign, 20 days for 2024. Proposal for the Spanish time are allocated by the spanish TAC.
  • Applicants to the “CCI time Solar ITP”: 5% of the total, or 5 days in 2024. Proposals for ITP time are allocated by the EAST-TAC, a joint European time allocation committee of the European Association for Solar Telescopes (EAST).
How to apply

The submission of proposals is specific to the category of users you belong, based on the above rules of access:

  • French users: Please fill in this LaTex application form and e-mail it to:
  • Spanish users should follow theinstructions of the IAC solar CAT proposal system.
  • CCI-ITP users: Please check on the Solarnet TNA page where you will find forms and information to apply to THEMIS. Those forms whall be mailed to:
  • For french time: March 1st, 2024
  • For spanish time: please check at: IAC solar CAT
Available instrumentation for 2024

Please check here for updated user info. We also encourage everybody to contact us directly to express your needs or concerns.

Proposal processing and calendar

As soon as the appropriate refereeing steps for each community and TAC have been passed, we will quickly inform you of the outcome of your proposal.

Inquiries: Please email to — Bernard Gelly or by phone: +34 619015893 (WET timezone).

SOLARNET was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for the period January 2019 until September 2023 under Grant Agreement No 824135 (SOLARNET)

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