THEMIS planetary tour

One night in June '18 was our “planets night”. These videos shows the imaging capability of a well-tuned 1m telescope with nice nightime seeing , without AO (it came after 2020), and some data processing (actually a lot of data processing …). Some of the videos have a long enough timelime so as to make planetary rotation visible.

Shooting Jupiter and Io together wasn't that simple: I am happy it ends up nicely !

            Jupiter                  Saturn                          Mars                              Venus 
If you are looking for Mercury, it is somewhere else on this site, as it is one of our favourite daytime target.

You are welcome in right-clicking the movies to download and reproduce them locally with a correct window size.
This work has no copyright.
Please quote this work as “Produced by CNRS-INSU / THEMIS (2018)”

Bernard Gelly 2023/06/09 11:24

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