General views

  • Telescope, transfert optics and
    (2010)adaptive optics branch

  • Spectrograph (TBW)

2011/11/11 14:41 (draft)

Instrumental modes
  • MTR2      (“MulTiRaies”)
    This is the long slit spectropolarimetric mode of our spectrograph.
  • MSDP      (“Multichannel Subtractive Double Pass”)
    This is a 2d spectropolarimetric mode based on a double pass with 9 wavelength channels and polarimetry. Here is a basic description of the MSDP concepts
  • TUNIS    (“Tunable UNiversal Imaging Spectrograph”)
    This is a 2d spectroimaging mode also based on a double pass with only one channel and different features than MSDP.
  • The SQUV package
  • DeepStokes
  • INVFe

2011/11/11 14:41 (draft)

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